Organic Alfalfa field

Organic Miscellaneous Producers in Alberta

Organic ProducerLocationPhoneOrganic Product(s)
Cornation Seed Cleaning Ltd. Coronation 403-578-3810 seed cleaning
Feitsma,Theo & Reinata
780-954-2626 milk
McMahon, Howard Burnaby, BC   bottling and repacking
Paetz, Craig, Jason, Murray & Steven Strathmore 403-901-6177 mustard
Peace Country Milling & Grain Sexsmith 780-568-4070 wheat flour milling, wheat berry bagging, labelling
Rottier, Karl & JuneDapp780-954-2514 milk
Sangudo Custom Meat Packers 780-785-3353 Sangudo slaughter, cut and wrap
Van Os, Arnold Wetaskawin 780-312-1052 milk

*NOTE: The website is updated when the information is received. It is the buyers responsibility to ask members if they have their certificate for the current year.

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