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We certify crops, livestock, greenhouses, apiaries, processors and handlers.

Alberta Organic Producers Association (AOPA) is a chapter of Trans Canada Organic Certification (TCOC). Read overview or find out the steps to certification

Benefits of Belonging to AOPA

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  • Field day
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  • Application assistance
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  • Fun, comradeship and learning for life

The following check list may help you to determine if your operation is ready for organic certification.

  1. Have your fields been 3 years without synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides, etc. (Note: an inspection is required in the final year of transition for international certification)
  2. Have you kept accurate field histories for each field, recording all inputs, crops planted, cultivation methods, etc.?
  3. Have you created accurate field maps (with field numbers corresponding to the field history sheets) of your operation? You should include all fields under your management, buffer strips, adjoining land use, roadways, natural waterways, including conventional acres, etc.
  4. Have you numbered all storage containers, kept a record of what each contains and maintained them in good repair?
  5. Are you willing to maintain an accurate and up to date audit trail?
  6. Are you committed to maintaining an ecologically friendly farming operation?

If the answer to all of the above questions is 'yes' then you should consider applying for organic certification.

Contact AOPA for the applicable forms and submit them along with the required fees to:

Alberta Organic Producers Association
56424 Hwy 2 Sturgeon County, AB. T8R 0G9

Remember to keep a copy for your records

Facts about Organic Livestock

  • All agricultural products used for feed or feed ingredients, including pastures, must be certified organic to the respective program.
  • All other feed additives must be of a natural source and have undergone only mechanical, physical, biological/enzymatic, and/or microbial (i.e., fermentation) processes.  (Chemosynthetic processing, extraction, etc. is prohibited).
  • Feed and feed supplements produced through genetic modification are prohibited.
  • Any feed product containing manure or urea is prohibited.
  • Synthetic/artificial appetizers, colorants, preservatives, growth promoters, and/or growth stimulants are prohibited.  (This includes synthetic hormones, antibiotics, and trace elements).
  • Meat, eggs, and dairy products can be certified organic.
  • Meat animals/slaughter stock must be under organic managements from the last third of gestation period.
  • Dairy stock must be under organic management for one year prior to organic production.
  • Poultry broilers and poultry products must be under organic management no later than the second day of life.
  • Feed and feed supplements produced through genetic modifications are prohibited.
  • Feeding of mammalian or poultry by-products to mammals or poultry is prohibited.
  • Hormone treatment for growth promotion is prohibited.


Alberta Organic Producers Association
56424 HWY 2 Sturgeon County, AB. T8R 0G9
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